Report all Non-conformances
 Investigate Non-conformances
 Pro-actively Resolve identified problems
 Track and Trace NCR items
 Easily report on Non-conformances
 Add all your PPE items
 Issue PPE to Staff
 Visual Inspection Notifications
 Replacement Notifications
 Track PPE Assignment
 Online Change Management
 Workflow controlled Approvals
 Changes, Risks and Mitigating Controls
 Custom Questionnaire and Checklist
 Never lose track of Changes again!
 Risk Assessment
 Online Risk Assessment
 Supports major Risk Methodologies
 Setup your own Risk Thresholds
 Configure your own Risk Ratings
 Mobile Friendly!
 Document Management
 Online Document Storage
 In a Centralised
 Secure Cloud Service
 Accessible from Anywhere
 Integrated Everywhere.
 Plan, Do, CHECK, Act
 Create your own Audit Templates
 Customised to your requirement
 Make them Available for Users
 Access and Perform Audits Online
 Use our Template Creator
 To Create Inspection Templates
 Make them Available for Users
 To Perform Online Inspections
 Based on your Procedures
 Business Intelligence
 Gain Insight into your Information
 With Live Dashboards
 Online Reporting
 Data Export functionalities
 Information E-Mails
 Online Task Management
 That Enhances Communication
 And Management
 Of Tasks & Actions
 Ensuring work gets done
 Pro-actively resolve Incidents
 Gain Insight into Incident Costs
 Understand where to Focus Efforts
 To Decrease Incidents
 And the Losses they incur
 Pro-active instead of Re-active
 Lower Incident Frequency Rates
 Increase Safety Ownership
 Engage staff in Safety Initiatives
 Enhance Safety Culture
 Track Staff Competencies
 Get Expiry Notification
 Assign Corrective Actions
 Attach Competency Certificates
 Ensure Personnel Competency
 Identify Hazards & Risks
 Capture Observations
 Report & Analyse Observations
 Act on Trends
 Remove Identified Hazards
 Task Observations (PTO)
 Verify Procedural Adherence
 Test Staff Competency
 Correct Task Deviancies
 Identify Training Requirements
 Prove Personnel Competencies