Simplifying Safety Management by assisting organisations to Declutter and Centralise Dispersed Management Systems.

Providing Insight into the day-to-day running of your Integrated Management System, by furnishing your business with a Cloud based Software Service that has been Innovated to Streamline and Enhance not only your Health and Safety operations, but your entire enterprise!

Protect your most valuable assets by Lowering Risk and Decreasing Incident & Accident Losses whilst gaining Live Insights into your Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality and Risk Operations.

SOFTWARE SOLUTION offers an all-in-one Software Solution for Managing your Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Information.


Centralised Information Accessible from any modern device anywhere on the planet.


Use on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

Managing Safety is not limited to your office. Then why should your Safety Management System be? Work whenever you want, wherever you are. With support on all the latest web browsers is just an internet connection away!

USABILITY boasts a professionally designed User Interface with focus on clarity and familiarity. Clarity has been achieved by guiding the user through processes from the beginning to end. Making sure the user knows what is expected of him/her. Familiarity has been achieved by incorporating design principles from leading social media providers.


Don’t have an IT Department? Don’t want the hassle of maintaining software systems, servers, networks and backup solutions? Let take the burden off your shoulders and host your system on your behalf. No servers, no system support, no hassles.

Prefer to manage your system yourself? No problem! Our system runs on Microsoft Server technology and is built to Enterprise & Corporate ICT standards.


A Software System is only as good as the information that gets entered into the system! If your personnel do not know how to use the system, you will not achieve good quality information input.

We realised the importance of good quality information and created a guided tour system (Show Me) that shows step-by-step instructions on how to use each part of! We also built in all the system documentation in a convenient 'Help Me' functionality.


We have streamlined the roll-out process of our systems to save our client's time & money.

With you can have your own SHEQ Management System setup within days and not Months!


Contact us for a personal demonstration of!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily can assist you to declutter and centralise your Business Management Information.


 Dynamic Dashboards
 Realtime Information
 In Graphs and Tables
 Per Area / Department
 Exportable / Printable
 Online Task Management
 That Enhances Communication
 And Management
 Of Tasks & Actions
 Ensuring work gets done!
 Plan, Do, CHECK, Act
 Create your own Audit Templates
 Customised to your requirement
 Make them Available for Users
 Access and Perform Audits Online
 Company Management
 Manage Contractors, Suppliers, Customers
 Specify Requirements per Product / Service offered
 Assign external company administrators
 Track Company Compliance to requirements
 Remove paper based safety files!
 Track Staff Competencies
 Get Expiry Notification
 Assign Corrective Actions
 Attach Competency Certificates
 Ensure Personnel Competency
 Document Management
 Online Document Management
 Centralised Secure Cloud Service
 Accessible from Anywhere
 Automated Expiry notifications
 Integrated Security
 Online Equipment Register
 Capture Usage History
 Capture Service History
 Specify Service Intervals
 Automated Service Schedule
 Evaluate your People
 According to KPI Measures
 Identify Training Requirements
 Career Planning
 Measure Employee Performance
 Pro-actively resolve Incidents
 Gain Insight into Incident Costs
 Understand where to Focus Efforts
 To Decrease Incidents
 And the Losses they incur
 Guided Investigations
 To Identify Root Causes
 Create Why trees
 Capture Timeline of Events
 Report on Investigations
 Use our Template Creator
 To Create Inspection Templates
 Make them Available for Users
 To Perform Online Inspections
 Based on your Checklists
 Lessons Learnt
 Integrated Lessons Learnt Module
 Capture Lessons Learnt from any item
 Centralised view of all Lessons Learnt
 Communicate Lessons Learnt
 Continuous Improvement
 Managed Lockout / Tagout Process
 Lockout requests and approvals
 Ensure equipment is isolated
 Track, manage and inspect lockouts
 Safe & systematic clearing of lockouts
 Online Change Management
 Workflow controlled Approvals
 Changes, Risks and Mitigating Controls
 Custom Questionnaire and Checklist
 Never lose track of Changes again!
 Create Meeting Agendas
 Toolbox Talks, etc.
 Meetings performed according to Template
 Assign Actions throughout Meeting
 Create Productive Meetings!
 Report all Non-conformances
 Investigate Non-conformances
 Pro-actively Resolve identified problems
 Track and Trace NCR items
 Easily report on Non-conformances
 Pro-active instead of Re-active
 Lower Incident Frequency Rates
 Increase Safety Ownership
 Engage staff in Safety Initiatives
 Enhance Safety Culture
 Identify Hazards & Risks
 Capture Observations
 Report & Analyse Observations
 Act on Trends
 Remove Identified Hazards
 Add all your PPE items
 Issue PPE to Staff
 Visual Inspection Notifications
 Replacement Notifications
 Track PPE Issued
 PTO - Task Observations
 Verify Procedural Adherence
 Test Staff Competency
 Correct Task Deviancies
 Identify Training Requirements
 Prove Personnel Competencies
 Create Custom e-PTW templates
 Workflow guided Process
 Electronic Signatures
 Remove failing paper-based systems
 Live tracking / visibility of work permits
 Risk Assessment
 Online Risk Assessment
 Supports major Risk Methodologies
 Setup your own Risk Thresholds
 Configure your own Risk Ratings
 Mobile Friendly!
 Free Templates to use
 Create your own custom Templates
 Replace paper based checklist
 Users complete Templates online
 Immediate scoring and reporting of items
 Online Training Management
 Create your own automatically scored Exams
 Training auto assigned as per defined Job Profiles
 Competencies automatically assigned when Training passed
 Automate your in-house Training Requirements
 Business Intelligence
 Gain Insight into your Information
 With Live Analytics
 Realtime Information
 From a Central Source
 Make Informed Decisions
 Multitude of Reports per Module
 Export to pdf, excel, word or powerpoint
 Online Reporting
 Realtime Information
 Single Source of Truth
 Online Administration Portal
 Customise and Configure your System
 Manage your People
 Control User Permissions
 Complete Control
 Online Helpdesk
 Report Issues Directly
 24/7 Support Desk
 Speedy Resolution
 To all your problems


 Custom Development
 Have Additional Requirements?
 Need new Features / Solutions
 We offer Custom Development
 For your Specific Requirements
 Solving Business Problems
 Integrate with existing Systems
 HR / Payroll Systems
 Time and Attendance Systems
 Pull data from Decentralised sources
 Connect your Business
 Consulting Services
 Specialist Consulting Services
 Through an Extensive Partner Network
 Combining Software and Solution
 Assistance with Implementations
 Offering a Complete Package

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