What does mySHEQ.com do?

We offer Specialist Safety Health Environmental and Quality Management Software Solutions.

 What is the meaning of mySHEQ?

mySHEQ stands for "manage your Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality" Information.

 How can mySHEQ.com help?

mySHEQ automates the capturing and reporting of Business Information pertaining to requirements set forth in various ISO, Governmental and compliance requirements.

 Do you need IT Systems / Infrastructure?

Not at all! mySHEQ is hosted in a secure cloud environment as a Software Service, meaning you never have to worry about any technical requirements. All you require is a device to connect you to the internet using any of the latest modern browsers of your choosing.

 Do you need to install software?

No. Our software is Web based. This means you only need an internet connection and a web browser to access mySHEQ.com

 Is mySHEQ.com usage limited to your office?

No it isn’t. mySHEQ.com is accessible from anywhere! Only an internet connection is required.

 Is your data safe?

Yes! mySHEQ Cloud Services is hosted at a leading Data Centre in Southern Africa. Communication with the mySHEQ.com server is encrypted using 256bit SSL. All care has been taken to ensure your information is kept private, safe and secure.

 Does mySHEQ.com offer System Training?

Yes we do. Although the system has built in Guided Tours, Online Documentation and various process simulation videos we also offer both System Administrator as well as System User training either onsite at your premises or Online.

 What about your data if you decide to cancel your mySHEQ.com subscription

In the unlikely event that you do not want to use our Software anymore, we offer data migration services to enable you to get all of your data into a format of your preference.

 What are our specialist skills?

Our technical expertise includes consultation, development, integration, customization and support of:

  • SHEQ Systems
  • MIS, dashboards and reporting solutions
  • System integration and centralization
  • Data transformations and conversions processes
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile and mobile web applications
  • Server, web and database applications

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