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The Partnership Programme enables your consulting business to provide a valuable tool to your clients for managing their Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Risk Management Systems.

Costs Involved

A once-off registration fee is charged to cover contracts / agreements, system-and process training, as well as registration and access to online systems and portals.

Earn Passive Income

Earn ongoing monthly income for each succesful sale. Keep on earning the re-occurring commission for as long as your client stays a subscriber.

How does the Registration process work?

The process starts with an investigation into the suitability of your Consulting firm as well as the area of operation, as we limit the amount of Partnerships in Geographical Areas. If your company is of suitable nature the process moves forward with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement as well as a Partner Agreement.

As soon as this process is completed there is formal System Administration and Management training to be completed. On succesful completion thereof your Partnership is approved and you gain access to's extensive library of tools to assist you to easily market, re-sell, configure and implement the System for your clients.


We will provide system training to key personnel within your organisation to enable them to resell the software solution.

System Training for your clients can be done as part of your consulting services, but there is a mandatory train-the-trainer program to be completed first.

Sales Assistance

We will assist with Sales Opportunities and Software Demonstrations as needed, but it will be the responsibility of you as Partner to own your clients, manage their systems and be their first point of contact.

International Opportunities offers this Partnership Programme Internationally. Limited Partnerships available.

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